Who will come out the big winner? …Definitely YOU

With Thanksgiving under a week away, shoppers around the world are anticipating the high-point of the shopping year – Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday.

Unprecedented deals will abound for those with determination and stamina.

Amazon and Walmart go head to head, with Walmart beginning their doorbuster sales on Thanksgiving at 6:00 PM, and running straight through the night into Black Friday. You won’t find fighting the crowds online, but you will find unbeatable deals .

They aren’t the only on-line retail stores hoping to lure you with fabulous deals.  Kohls, Macys, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, Toys-R-Us, and Marshals are among the front-runners hoping to win your bucks.  The good news is many of the top doorbusters are available online, so it is possible to be successful on Black Friday without having to wait in line on Thanksgiving. Plus, Cyber Monday 2017 is expected to be bigger than ever, which is another reason that in-store Thanksgiving shopping is no longer needed to find your deal.

Cyber Monday Is Best for Fashion

There will be a huge amount of clothing deals throughout the holiday season. The deals should get better and better as Black Friday draws near. That said, the single best shopping day for clothes is Cyber Monday. Last years Cyber Monday had approximately 50% more outstanding deals than Black Friday or Thanksgiving, and the vast amount were for apparel.

While you’ll see excellent bargains from online retailers like Amazon, these retailers fail to dominate the apparel category. Many brick-and-mortar retailers use Black Friday or Cyber Monday to offer their best sales of the year on their websites — and sometimes it’s one of their only online sales for the year. In 2016, we saw year’s-best deals from Hollister, Nordstrom Rack, Banana Republic,  J.Crew FactoryLevi’sAmerican Eagle Outfitters, and many others.

Where to Shop online

Even the iPhone X Will Be on Sale

The Android versus Apple debate will soon enter its tenth year. While fans of each will most likely flock to their preferred lines during Black Friday sales, there’s no question as to which had better deals last year. Android-based phones had both a wide selection of deals and much deeper price cuts.

More deals were on Android phones and iPhones on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday last year, but you may continue to see new deals throughout the month of December.

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X all debuted recently, and this generation of handsets is Apple’s most comprehensive and expensive yet. That said, your “cheapest” option is surely the iPhone 8, which is priced from $699 for the 64GB model. Shortly after Apple’s announcement, T-Mobile said it would briefly charge $0 down for the base model, with the phone’s cost spread out across a 24-month installment plan in $29 increments.

Visit retailers to get hands-on time with a particular phone if you like, but you’ll mostly find the best Black Friday deals online.

Last year Best Buy bundled a $100 Best Buy gift card with at least one smartphone deal — and significantly undercut carrier prices on others. There’s no reason to think the electronics giant won’t do this again, so be on the watch for this one.

Meanwhile Walmart ran several cheap specials on prepaid Android phones like the Huawei Ascend XT. The store also offered an iPhone deal for shoppers interested in its Straight Talk Wireless service.

Last but not least, eBay and Amazon weighed in with numerous outstanding offers remaining in the competitive mix.

Dell topped the deals last year

While many of your favorite electronics retailers — like Lenovo, Adorama, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store — will offer a fair amount of outstanding deals, far and away the best place to look for savings will be Dell Home and Dell Small Business. Last year, these two sites had more noteworthy deals than all of their competitors combined. Of course, the vast majority of these deals were for Dell’s own machines. If you prefer another brand, you’ll do better going to Best Buy or Lenovo..

The TV deals just might be at Kohl’s

With larger sets having become the go-to size for many buyers, smaller midsize options can find you big savings. Of course, the smaller the screen, the smaller the price, but there are some sizes where the savings are proportionately greater.

One spec set that stands out is name-brand 40″ 4K TVs. We’re predicting an average price of $240, which is just $50 more than an off-brand TV, and nearly $200 less than a 50″ name-brand 4K TV. And of course, that’s just an average price, so it’s quite possible you will see doorbusters in the $200 range.

The Start

At some point in history—exactly when is up for debate—shopping became as synonymous with American Thanksgiving as turkey and football. The day after Thanksgiving has been known, for as long as most of us can remember, as Black Friday. It’s a day of deep discounts and lines going around the block.

In the past decade, Cyber Monday joined the ranks to bring online stores into the fold. Because many Shopify merchants sell on multiple channels, both online and in store, the two events blend into one, providing an opportunity to capture sales across the whole weekend.

Cyber Monday was added to the fray in 2005. The media picked up the term immediately, and it has since toppled Black Friday out of its spot as busiest shopping day of the year.

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