Setting Your Perfect Table for Thanksgiving

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The fall is a great time to reconnect with friends and family. No matter if you are having a sit down dinner or buffet style meal, we have Thanksgiving table suggestions your guests will remember long after the last piece of pie is served.

Most of Thanksgiving and Christmas table settings fall into one of four categories; Rustic, Natural, Chic and Classic.

Keep Kids Busy – Have their own craft table

A wonderful way to occupy the children, keeping them happily busy while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready is to have their own craft table. While adults have the ability to occupy themselves in various ways – tossing a football around outdoors, or watching the big Thanksgiving game, perhaps helping in the kitchen – younger children sometimes need a little more direction in the hours before the Thanksgiving turkey makes its appearance.

What you will need:

A large card table or breakfast nook table will do. Cover it with craft paper for a kid friendly good time.

  • Construction paper in all sizes and colors (particularly autumnal colors)
  • Glue sticks
  • Washable markers, crayons, colored pencils
  • Washable markers, crayons, colored pencils
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Miniature pumpkins
  • Gold craft paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Several sponge brushes

You can add whatever you want to the list. I would avoid glitter for obvious reasons. Have the children mask off the lower half of the tiny pumpkins and paint the upper half gold, add a name card and use the as placement markers. The parents will love them and the children will be proud of their efforts. Use leaves cut from construction paper as decorations also.  Try making Pilgrims hats or Indian feathered hats with the kids. Guaranteed the children will love them.

Make an Unforgettable Centerpiece

A centerpiece sets the tone of your table. This easy to make centerpiece will WOW your guests.

Either use a 6 to 8 inch faux or real pumpkin and cut a large opening at the top. Remove the pumpkin seeds and strings if it is a live pumpkin. Spray the inside and outside with a bathroom cleaner which contains bleach. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Doing this will increase the life of your pumpkin vase.  Cut and add a tightly fitting Styrofoam block. Add twigs, perhaps spray-painted gold, feathers, roses, berries or anything which you desire.

A suggested arrangement:

Utilize those Tiny Pumpkins

Most grocery stores and garden supply stores have them – small decorative squash, usually in orange or off white. Craft stores, such as Michaels have faux pumpkins, but be aware, they sell out quickly. The best time to purchase them is September or October.

Find Michaels at:

We are going with the tiny real pumpkins (or squash). You will need one for each guest, including children, plus several extra for part of the table decorations. Get a six to eight inch pumpkin for the centerpiece. Make sure it sits securely so your centerpiece doesn’t tilt or roll.

Two choices for completing your tiny pumpkin place cards. One is painted with bright gold and the other, gold leaf, gilded pumpkins. A tutorial is available below.

Gold leaf tutorial:

Mask your pumpkins with blue painters tape about halfway down. Be sure to press it firmly into the crevasses. If you are going to spray the gold, set up a table outdoors and cover it with newspaper. Layer several coats of paint until your pumpkins are completely covered. After they dry remove the tape and reveal your beautiful place card pumpkins. Variation include dusting the painted part (while still wet) with glitter or with a touch of artificial snow after it is dry. Add a small tag of brown or colored paper. I prefer cutting a small leaf shape, writing the guests initial or name and attaching it to the stem with a piece of twine.

Rustic Table Setting

Warm inviting colors, candles in hurricane lamps, Pumpkins in various sizes and colors, flowers, plaid table runners in burnt orange, browns and deep gold, mismatched silverware wrapped in a napkin and tied with twine – a pumpkin or turkey salad plate – all come together to make a down-home rustic table setting.

Turkey plates at;

Example at:

Natural Table Setting

White and off-white colors, Frosted LED Tea Lights (votive candles) and white on white napkins set the holiday spirit. A white pumpkin centerpiece would look great, don’t you think?

Example at:

Find LED Tea lights here:

Chic Table Setting

White, gray and silver is the theme, candles large and small, gray pattern runner and matching napkins with silver napkin holders, solid gray and solid white dinnerware and that white pumpkin centerpiece would be the perfect finishing touch. The white tiny pumpkin place-card holders could be finished in silver to uniquely match your décor.

See it at:

See the dinnerware at;

Classic Table Setting

Orange, greens and browns set this theme. Pumpkins galore grace the center in greens, orange and white. Wouldn’t our pumpkin centerpiece look simply grand? The brown rattan placemat is the perfect backdrop for your holiday plating and the Terracotta napkins finish the look.

View the table at;

See the Rattan Placemat:

Find the Terracotta napkins at:

Turkey plates at:

Happy Thanksgiving from Pacxo

The Pacxo families wish you a very happy, healthy and joyous Thanksgiving. We stand ready to serve you and fulfill your shopping wishes over the coming Christmas season. We will always work hard to combine and ship your purchases getting them to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Remember “Pacxo delivers”.

Donna Bedrick is a SEO and content copywriter. A native Philadelphia PA suburbanite, her Blogs are a labor of love. She has written feature articles for national magazines and local newspapers. Under her pen-name, she has authored six full length suspense-thriller books.

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