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What comes to mind when you think of the future?
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What comes to mind when you think of the future?

Sci-Fi writers would have us think of spacious houses floating high in the sky, with the most revolutionary household furnishings and technology. Oh, and don’t forget the android robot cheerfully doing the laundry.

Well, while that is fiction, there is an element of truth – no, not floating houses, or Rosie the robot.

Eero’s vision for the home of tomorrow

As little as two years ago, watching several episodes of Game of Thrones in your bedroom was a touch and go situation.  You’d cross your fingers and hope the router in the living room wouldn’t freeze or cut out entirely.

Welcome to the age of the brand new, second generation, eero.  It’s twice as powerful as the original.  Although the eero WiFi access point is roughly half the size of its competitors, this second generation outperforms them by up to 50%.

Same size, same shape but the second generation eero is more than twice as powerful.

This little white box is so powerful, in your home, it can broadcast on three wireless bands with simultaneous coverage – the powerful tri band WiFi.  What exactly does this mean? How about downloading mega-files, or multiplayer gaming, VR or Face Timing – all at the same time.  No problem for the new eero system.

For Ethernet-wired houses, advanced entertainment systems, and people who work from home, we have the Pro eero system – three eero working seamlessly. Their built-in Ethernet ports and powerful hardware make this system the perfect solution. This system sells for $499.

eero now works with Amazon’s Alexa

Speech recognition software – such as Amazon’s Alexa – is the wave of the future. Eero partnered with Alexa to reimagine how people control WiFi around their home, using only their voice.

eero Beacons

While an eero may cover a small apartment or one level of your home, the companion piece(s) are eero beacons. These handy devices now plug into a standard outlet , allowing them to be in the background, not in your way.  The makers have even put a nightlight that turns itself on when light levels fall. This way you won’t trip over that forgotten toy, or shoe.

A eero system of one eero and one eero beacon is a perfect fit for your small home or medium sized apartment.  The table top eero simply plugs into your modem, the eero Beacon plugs into any outlet, it simply needs power. This system sells for about $299.

The eero system that would cover the typical home would have one eero and two eero Beacons. Remember, eero doesn’t replace your modem, it replaces your router – plug it into your modem and plug in the eero Beacons and you’ll get seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home. This system sells for $399.

Pacxo Stands Ready


Would you to order eero for your home?  Pacxo stands ready to assist you.

First, simply set up an account. Have your purchase sent to that account and we will do the rest.  We will even inspect your item to make sure there’s no damage, then efficiently repackage your product and send it to you in the most cost efficient method of shipping. It’s that simple.

Simply call or write to us at Pacxo for information on how we can make it all happen for you.

Donna Bedrick is a SEO and content copywriter. A native Philadelphia PA suburbanite, her Blogs are a labor of love. She has written feature articles for national magazines and local newspapers. Under her pen-name, she has authored six full length suspense-thriller books.

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