Spruce up your Bedroom for Fall

How do you change the look of your bedroom for the changing season?
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How do you change the look of your bedroom for the changing season?

As summer ends and the colored leaves start to fall, daylight shortens – all marking the changing of the season. Fall is the most exciting time of year.  Time to retire your summer bedding and bring in the exciting  Autumn themes. Embrace the newest fall bedding and drape collections for a complete change of pace. First, what color would you like? Fall bedding sets feature rich, warm tones to make your bedroom cozy and inviting on the cooler fall nights.

Double Bedding/Full Sizes


Traditionally full sized beds were commonly used for two adults, but because they only provide 27 inches of space per adult (compared with 39 inches for a twin sized bed) this has changed. Today because of their narrow size and ability to fit into smaller bedrooms, full beds (also known as double beds in England and Canada) are the ideal solutions for a larger/taller child’s bedroom, teenager’s room, or a comfortable guest room.


West Elm for all sizes

Organic Sateen Sheet Set – 400 Thread Set

These sheets, with its 400 thread count, are one of the softest yet. The edges are bordered with subtle scalloped embroidery adding luxury and beauty.

Find them at:

400-Thread-Count Organic Geo Sateen Duvet Cover + Shams

It’s one of our most deluxe bedding options with the soft watercolor print and the oh-so-silky 400-thread-count fabric.

To see it, go to:|geo-sateen-bedding-collection&cm_src=Quicklook

Mini-Pebbled Wool Jute Throw Rug

When you first step out of your bed, let your feet meet the plush softness of a wool and jute rug. This mini rug, 2’ by 3’, slips into your bedside décor without stealing the scene.

See it at:

Faceted Antiqued Brass Metal Vases

Nothing helps set the mood of your bedroom than vases designed to complement the style of your bedding pattern.  A choice of several antiqued brass has just the right amount of shine  and the modern vibe. Use a stylish dies branch to nail the look.

See them at:

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Covers

This is a “must have” for your bedroom. Perfect for snuggling and is beautifully decorative.

Find it at:

To add additional flexibility, why not consider, using a trundle bed or mattress that sits beneath the bed for children’s sleep overs or a second guest.


Full size beds and mattresses are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, when selecting bed linens the sizes of sheets and bedspreads will fit the following ranges: Fitted sheets measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches long, but flat sheets vary in size from 81 inches wide by 105 inches long is typical. Full size bedding, bed sets, comforters, duvets and bedspreads need to not only cover the mattress but in many case the box spring or side of the bed and typical sizes as follows; comforters and duvet covers 81 inches wide by 86 inches long, bedspreads which tend to hang to the floor are 96 inches wide by 110 inches long and quilts 84 inches wide by 90 inches long.


Majesty of the Queen Set

What is the size, and dimensions of queen size bedding sets? Within the past 30 years, queen size beds and mattresses have become the most popular bed size in the US. When selecting bed sets for a queen bed, it’s important to find linens, sheets, bed covers, and quilts that fit correctly. Fitted style linens and sheets, will fit a queen size mattress exactly (60 inches wide by 80 inches long).


Bedding sets in queen sizes, comforter covers, duvet bed covers and bed spreads and quilted covers, need to both cover the mattress as well as the box spring and standard sizes for those component are; duvet covers, comforters and quilts measure 88” wide by 86” long, while bedspreads, which are designed to hang all the way down to the floor, are 102” in width by 120” long.


Is your mattress King or California King?


Cal king bedding (also known as western or west coast bedding) feature luxury California king bed sets from today’s hottest fashion and home decor designers. Note: Both a king (76 inches wide by 85 inches long) and California king size bedding sets are actually narrower than a standard bed by 4 inches (72 inches wide by 89 inches long), but are taller by 4 inches making this perfect for taller adults. Keeping that in mind, you will need the correct size dust ruffle for a Cal King bed. Please also note: Sizes may vary by designer so please double check the dimensions of the item in which you are interested.



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