The Battle for Your Buck

Now more than ever, on-line USA retailers are engages in a fierce battle – the battle for your buck. 
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Now more than ever, on-line USA retailers are engages in a fierce battle – the battle for your buck.

With sales figures in the “brick and mortar” retail stores steadily declining, year after year, many have also established their presence on the on-line shopping scene. These new additions have one big advantage – a chain of stores which can also serve as warehouses.

You too can cash in on this windfall despite your international status, and Pacxo is the answer. Shop to your heart’s content, catch all those killer sales and simply give the store your Pacxo shipping address. Pacxo will have all your purchases shipped to your front door as cost efficiently as possible.

You are aware of course of the on-line industry leader, Amazon. Today we’ll show you some on-line US stores with which you may be less familiar.

This wonderful on-line store has been steadily on the rise and it’s not by accident. They offer living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, kid’s room, patio & outdoor and office items. They also offer toys and hobbies, sports and outdoors, clothing and shoes, watches, jewelry and soo much more. runs frequent sales plus offer sign-up coupons;

Lots of great deal to be had at this on-line store.

Another on-line store to peruse is Wayfair. They offer amazing deals on furniture, bed and bath, outdoor, kitchen and table, and their featured specialty shops; Outdoor dining and entertaining and the ever popular Coffee shop.

Explore and find the great deals at;


Walmart mega stores are extremely popular in the US, and now they have establishes a powerful on-line presence as well. Walmart on-line deals in electronics, home appliances, sports, toys, fashion accessories, gifts, crafts, pharmacy, grocery and much, much more.

Walmart also offers free shipping, discount coupons, discount on special occasions.

Check out their site at;


One of the worthwhile on-line sites to check out is Target.  It has many “brick and mortar” stores and has established themselves as a well-rounded on-line presence as well. They sell everything you need and even some things you’ll never need.

They have great deals such as a free $150 gift card when you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Two new clothing brands offered only at Target is Goodfellow & Co, and A New Day. They are definitely worth checking out.

Talk about checking it out, check out their fab site at;

Victoria’s Secret

What shopping list would be complete without Victoria’s Secret?

A paradise of PJ’s, both seductively sheer and snuggly flannels, bras, thongs and more to tantalize your loved one.

Did we mention the fragrances?  Men can give no greater gift (apart from diamonds), and women, seduce his senses with a Victoria’s Secret scent.

Check out this one-of-a-kind on-line store at;

Apple .

In December of 2017, HomePod will reinvent music in your home. Get a sneak peak of this amazing wireless speaker with quality sound and intelligence. Its spatial awareness senses its location and adjusts the audio. With 40 million songs, it’s designed to work seamlessly with your Apple music subscription.

The iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever, also arrives in December 2017.

Check out the Apple offerings at;


Another “Brick and mortar” store, famous for its Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, with Santa arriving, now has a strong on-line offering.  Christmas in the USA wouldn’t be the same without Macy’s, and its magic can be yours as well.

On-line Macy’s offers 100’s of specials, $10. off and an extra 20% off specials, you have to see it to believe. Shop Men’s, women’s shoes, clothing and more…

Check their site out at;

Enjoy the Freedom to Shop USA

With Pacxo at your side, you have the complete freedom to shop any on-line store in the USA.  When you are a member of Pacxo, your parcel will arrive at your door faster than you can say, “Pacxo international shipping delivers”.

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